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We will review your request within 1 week, and determine feasibility for prototyping and production.  If it is a good fit, we will send you a render and a quote shortly after with some follow up questions to continue the conversation. This will lead to prototyping of your product. If it is not a good fit for our current production methods, we will refund your purchase amount.

A sample pricing table is provided beneath for you to estimate the per unit cost of your package. The price per tray starts at $8/cycle for small volume order. To receive a specific price, or for higher volume quotes, you can order an Estimate and 3D rendering by entering your information below.

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    Prototyping Process

    Start the process by purchasing a Render and a Quote.


    Render and a Quote


    1 Week to send render concepts, to modify design, and generate a cost estimate.

    Prototyping Stage


    2 Weeks to fabricate prototypes. We require you to ship your box/products to us to test the package.

    A. CAD & Thermoforming
    We use CAD to create a "hard tool" which we thermoform over to create a "soft tool" out of PET which we can reuse over and over.

    B. Growing Prototypes

    The soft tools are filled with a mix of substrate (hemp), nutrition, and mycelium and are left to grow for 6 days.

    C. Drying Prototypes

    After 4 days, we pop parts out of the mold and let them grow for another 2 days to get a fuzzy layer of overgrowth. Then we dry the parts to prevent future growth.

    Grow Stage


    1 Week to grow (6 days) and dry (1 day) parts.

    Ship Prototypes

    $ Shipping included for prototypes

    1 Week or less depending on location.

    Test Prototypes

    $ Shipping included for prototypes

    1-4 Weeks of in-house testing and small customer testing, and modification of designs to follow.

    Production Stage

    $ Price per Unit Cost (will depend on dimensions of part)

    2 Weeks to make production trays and grow first batch of parts.