Made by nature, Designed by you.

Mushroom Packaging grows planet-friendly protective packaging by combining agricultural feedstock with the natural binding strength of mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms. We make packaging that puts the planet first.
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Unearth a new “unboxing” experience.

The touch of mycelium can create a memorable, feel-good experience. Put your brand into the hands of your customers with velvet-soft, sustainable packaging that nurtures their gardens and leaves a lasting impression.
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Custom packaging with a purpose.

With our clients, we engineer bespoke solutions that sustainably protect your unique products in transit. Our facilities allow for rapid prototyping and product testing to create the perfect solution for your packaging budget and timeline.
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Why Mushroom Packaging?

Made with only two simple ingredients — hemp hurd and mycelium — our packaging protects whatever you’re shipping.

Ocean Safe

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Plastic Free

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Flame Resistant


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Water Resistant

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