Mushroom® Packaging FAQ

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Where is Mushroom® Packaging grown?

Mushroom® Packaging R&D and Design headquarters is in Upstate NY. We have a global network of growth and distribution facilities in EU, UK, and OC. See the Licensees page for a complete list and links to their respective sites.

Compostable or recyclable?

It is 100% home compostable. Thus, there’s no need to recycle it and recycling industries don’t accommodate it.

Shelf life?

In indoor conditions, it is shelf-stable for 30 years. Unless it is exposed to constant moisture and other environmental conditions, it should not grow mold.


If Mushroom® Packaging is immersed in water or repeatedly saturated, it will lose its rigidity and will become susceptible to degradation. Inconsistent moisture exposure from weather may allow the material to passively dry and maintain some rigidity.


Yes, it is naturally thermally insulating and performs similarly to styrofoam coolers.

Other uses?

Acoustic Panels, Coolers, Planters, Art, GIY, Wetland rafts, and more! Visit to grow your own creations! Fun for all ages.

What can’t it do?

Mushroom® Packaging is not a substitute for food to-go containers, cups, plates, etc. It is not certified for direct food contact. The material composition is mostly hemp, the texture is like small woodchips (not ideal for food contact) and the minimum material thickness must be ⅜”.