About Mushroom® Packaging

How does it compare to conventional packaging?

Very well! Mushroom® Packaging is a direct replacement for expanded polystyrene or polyethylene foams, but it can replace lots of different kinds of packaging. To see if Mushroom® Packaging is right for you, take a look at our Material Specifications.

Is the material waterproof?

Much like wood, Mushroom® Packaging needs to be sealed to be waterproof. Unfinished mushroom materials will begin to decay when they get wet, just like unfinished timber.

How fast does it biodegrade?

When broken down into small pieces and placed out in the elements, your Mushroom® Packaging will return to the earth in about a month.

How does it decompose?

Mushroom® Packaging do not degrade without exposure to living organisms in soil and moisture. Like most things you’d keep in your home or in a warehouse, Mushroom® Packaging is shelf stable for years. When you expose it to the elements, it starts to naturally decompose.

Will it catch on fire?

Mycelium is naturally fire resistant!

Can you eat Mushroom® Packaging?

In theory, yes. However it is not tasty, and not nutritious, so we do not recommend it.

What type of mushroom are you using?

Our technology and processes are a trade secret protected by our patents, including the specific strain we use. We have a large strain library and can actually use different species to achieve different material properties.

Where do you get your mushrooms from?

Ecovative has a team of internal and external professionals that keep our trade secret mycelium library running. We rely on our Chief Mycologist and the strain team to harvest specimens seasonally and we import strains from other laboratories as needed.

How much energy do you use in your process? Have you conducted a Life Cycle Assessment?

Ecovative has not yet published a peer reviewed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Our aim is to have an energy and environmental footprint that is not just a little better, but far better, than conventional materials. We look forward to sharing these numbers and making comparisons to plastic production in the future.

Are there any allergy concerns?

There is no known allergen risk with our Mushroom® Materials. There are no spores involved in our process as we keep the organism at its vegetative state. We have worked with third party labs to verify the safety of our materials.

What certifications do you have?

Are you making food packaging (cups, plates, take out containers)?

No. Mushroom® Materials are not certified for direct food contact at this time. We know that food packaging is bad for the environment and is a large contributor to plastic pollution, but it is not something we are dedicating our resources to today. If you’re with a company interested in starting a development project with us, please contact us.


Can you produce in my region/ship internationally?

We look forward to setting up manufacturing facilities across the globe as we continue to expand. Locations of manufacturing facilities will be determined by licensing partners, customer demand, and economic feasibility. We are able to ship internationally from our New York facilities today.

Where do the shipping costs I see come from?

The shipping costs on our Shop are real-time costs provided by carriers, which means you pay exactly what it costs us to ship your order to you.

When will my order ship?

Our materials are grown, not made. Usually we have the inventory on hand to fulfill an order within a few days of receiving it. If we have a high volume of orders and our inventory is depleted, we have to grow more to replace it. Sometimes this means it can take 2-3 weeks for your order to leave our facility.

How long will it take an international order to arrive?

We suggest allowing up to 4-6 weeks for international orders, though most arrive more quickly. We cannot provide guaranteed arrival dates for international orders due to time in customs, etc.

Do I have to do anything about customs?

Most countries allow our material to pass through customs without any problems. At the moment, the only country that does not allow our material is Australia. All customs forms and information needed should be provided in your order.

Why is the carrier charging me an additional tax?

You are responsible for any additional international duties and fees, and carriers may refuse to release your order until they are paid.

What is the connection between Mushroom® Packaging and Ecovative?

Ecovative is the mycelium (the roots) and Mushroom® Packaging is the mushroom (the fruit)! 

As part of our continuing commitment to education, we offer a variety of multimedia content that showcases our technology and offers a virtual tour of the facility. There are many options, including our feature on PBS Nova or CBS News. There are also several Ecovative TED talks and videos on our youtube channel.

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