Ever Amid Case Study

Ever Amid creates personal care products in unique, handmade containers. Due to the fragility of the products, as well as the need for the vessels to stay sealed in the packaging, we set out to ensure the perfect fit. The result is a gorgeous product packaged in a unique Mushroom® Packaging part.

Ever Amid makes lip balm and skin care products, presented in beautiful custom, porcelain vessels.

The company is committed to presenting an alternative to excess and convenience obsessed consumption, with careful sourcing, production, and shipping to reflect the brand's values.


  • • Protect fragile porcelain in transit
  • • Precision design to act as 'lock' for components
  • • Extra deep form factor
  • • Elegant solution for jewelry and skin care products


The Mushroom® Packaging team designed parts for very fragile, handmade products — a white container for skin care product and a black container for jewelry — each requiring robust protection. The customer's goal was for the packaging to also act as a mechanism for keeping the vessel sealed. The result was a beautiful presentation that creates a wonderful unboxing experience for Ever Amid’s customers.