Keap Case Study

With a mission to restore the balance between humanity and the natural world, Keap Candles works sustainably from the production of their products down to the packaging, which is why the partnership with Mushroom Packaging was a perfect fit. We work with Keap to ensure the safety of their candles, while staying true to their core value of sustainability.

Keap makes candles that are designed from the ground up to be regenerative, a philosophy that extends to their packaging.

Based in Kingston, New York, Keap Candles is a certified B Corp, making candles with sustainable coconut oil, and without labels for waste-free repurposing. Keap’s mission is to restore the balance and connection between humanity and the natural world.


  • • Protect fragile glass in transit
  • • Completely plastic-free, bio-based solution
  • • Offer a firm fit, and a unique unboxing experience
  • • Adapt to widespread glass shortages


The Mushroom® Packaging team designed an insert that could be adapted to different dimensions due to changing availability of different types of glass.The pieces fit neatly in the upright-oriented packaging in which the candles ship. The design has remained in production for nearly 5 years, at a competitive price with alternative solutions.