Contemplation Case Study

Contemplation and Mushroom® Packaging were a perfect match from the start. With a goal of waste reduction, we were able to partner to make protective packaging that is home compostable allowing customers to return the mycelium packing material to the earth.

Contemplation produces waterless, multipurpose body and hair care products, driven by a strong ethos of nourishing people without depleting the planet's resources.

The brand is deliberately minimalist, dedicated to reducing the number of products sold and the waste created.


  • • Protect heavy glass bottle in transit
  • • Design to fit existing shipping box
  • • Custom insert with minimalist aesthetic

"People are really curious and interested in the packaging. A lot of people haven't seen it before, and they love that it's compostable. They say, 'It makes it look very high end with your bottle.'"
— Ariane Noji, Founder of Contemplation


The Mushroom® Packaging team designed a custom part that has excellent cushioning and provides a beautiful unboxing experience. The look and feel of the packaging is consistent with Contemplation’s messaging and principles, which makes it a perfect fit for the brand.