Sandor Case Study

Sandor combines luxury and sustainability offering top-quality products, while finding packaging options that avoid landfills. From their aluminum bottles to a partnership with Mushroom® Packaging, Sandor’s packaging is compostable and recyclable.

Founded by hairstylist Sabrina Szinay, Sándor provides top quality, plant-based hair care products aimed at combining luxury and true sustainability.

Special attention is given to product packaging that avoids landfills. This includes aluminum recyclable bottles. Direct to consumer business model enabled alternative approaches to on-the-shelf packaging.


  • • Protect dent-prone aluminum bottles
  • • Custom fit to two product sizes

"I wanted to be as sustainable as possible. We looked at a lot of alternatives, but when we saw the Mushroom® Packaging, we were quite hooked on it."
—Sabrina Szinay, Founder of Sándor


The parts designed for Sándor provide great cushioning for the aluminum bottles, which can be easily damaged in transit without sufficient protection. The solution is designed to protect both a large and travel-sized bottle, allowing them to be shipped modularly based on client orders.