Saratoga Tea and Honey Case Study

Saratoga Tea and Honey's commitment to the environment spans outside of their product offerings and into its overall fulfillment practices, which is why they have partnered with us at Mushroom® Packaging to create an earth-friendly packaging that supports their overall goals and directly replaces their previous fabricated foam solution.

Saratoga Tea & Honey Co. is deeply connected to nature in its products and in its practice.

With a commitment to ethical sourcing, the provenance, healthfulness, and natural sourcing of all teas and honeys they sell are part of the principle of 'affordable luxury', celebrating the beautiful complexity of nature.


  • • Design direct, planet-friendly replacement to styrofoam parts
  • • Save time in fulfillment stage
  • • Save on outer box costs by using packaging that fits perfectly into 14’’ cube


The Mushroom® Packaging parts directly replaced a styrofoam solution and eliminated the time-consuming step of cutting styrofoam parts by hand during fulfillment. The packaging protects the glass bottles and aligns with the Customer’s philosophy of reducing waste, saving time and supporting the environment.