Standard Morel Dilemma Acoustic Panel

Standard Morel Dilemma Acoustic Panel

Product Details

Acoustic Panels are wall mounted and dampen sound.

Our standard Morel Dilemma Acoustic Panels may contain watermarks or discoloration, but have no effect on the usability of the panel itself. Imperfections will vary by piece. 

Perfect for an office space or noisy restaurant, these tiles are an environmentally friendly statement piece. Our Morel Dilemma panel features a three dimensional design, similar to that of morel mushrooms.

We recommend attaching these panels using z-clips and screws (not included) attached directly to wood blocks that are grown into the back. Standard Panels are available for purchase on our website, custom panels available by request.



All products are grown to order with an organism called mycelium. This can take 2-3 weeks. Sample products and ready made products if in stock may ship sooner.

We ship via UPS. If you have problems receiving certain carriers at your address, it is your responsibility to inform our team before we ship your order.

Dimension drawings are expressed in inches. Our products generally ship within 2-3 weeks of placing your order.